Ghosts in the Valley

Adi-Kent Thomas JeffreyTrue ghost stories from the pen of a master storyteller...
Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey

A bona-fide ghost hunter, the late Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey spent a lifetime investigating the supernatural. Well known as an author, a lecturer, and a psychic investigator, Mrs. Jeffrey passionately pursued her goal of authenticating eerie phenomena. In 1975, she was cast into the national spotlight when her book, The Bermuda Triangle, was ranked #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Mrs. Jeffrey wrote numerous books recounting her mysterious experiences and discoveries. Decades later, three of her most popular books have been re-issued to delight another generation of readers. And now, published posthumously, is a new collection of stories to entertain and mystify. Read one, and you will want to collect them all.

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Ghosts in the Valley New Edition

Ghosts in the Valley
New Edition October 2011

A remarkable collection of "terrible but true" ghost stories. This enduringly popular book, originally written in the 1970s by New York Times Best Selling author, Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey, has recently been revised and edited by the author's daughter.

Each page of this fascinating book offers readers authenticated accounts and eye witness reports of psychic phenomena and supernatural encounters that have occurred, and in many cases, are still occurring in the Delaware Valley area.

The 40th Anniversary edition of GHOSTS IN THE VALLEY includes introductory comments by the Amazing Kreskin, stunning interior photographs and graphic images, as well as new supplemental material. Everybody loves a good ghost story and no one tells them better than Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey.

“Mrs. Jeffrey has a way with ghosts that will bewitch a hardened reader.”
- F.K. Brown, Book Critic, Delaware Valley Advance

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More Ghosts in the ValleyNew Edition

More Ghosts in the Valley
New Edition October 2011

More fascinating tales of mysterious happenings in the Delaware Valley area. Read about authentic spooks, haunted houses, and psychic disturbances. More than 30 supernatural escapades are whimsically documented in this second volume of ghost stories.

Revised and expanded by the author’s daughter in 2011, this sequel offers additional proof that Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey will always have an enduring voice in the field of the supernatural.

“Stories that are true! Stories to shake and shiver by!”
- Bob McClean, KTW-TV, Philadelphia

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Haunted Village and Valley

Haunted Village & Valley:
A Ghostly Journey Through New Hope and the Delaware Valley

In her last book, Haunted Village and Valley: A Ghostly Journey Through New Hope and the Delaware Valley (co-authored and published posthumously by the author's daughter), Jeffrey writes about the ghostly legends and astonishing real-life incidents that made New Hope famous as a dwelling place for spooks and specters.

A compilation of 33 stories, including stunning interior photographs, this book provides readers with a fascinating mix of paranormal experiences. The book covers a wide range of spooky territory from the restless spirit of a Lenni-Lenape Indian Chief to the ghostly apparition of Solebury Township's former Postmistress.

The infamous and the famous populate the pages of this book. Readers will be introduced to Oscar Hammerstein's sister-in-law, Hexi, who took great pride in serving as the high priestess in a local witch's coven. George C. Scott appears to be the cause of a weird, unexpected interruption that took place on the stage of the Bucks County Playhouse. Jessica Savitch's beloved dog, Chewy, reportly still haunts the site near Chez Odette's former restaurant where her tragic accident occurred so many years ago.

And for the first time ever, Mrs Jeffrey gives readers a peek into her own supernatural experiences, beginning with a first person account entitled “The Night That Convinced Me Ghosts Are Real.” Additional stories relate Jeffrey's ghost chasing experiences in an old Victorian London theater as well as her harrowing adventures visiting Communist Russia to investigate Moscow's most haunted house. An Appendix added to the book offers readers a glimpse of Jeffrey's unique (and quite logical) views pertaining to the “what” and the “why” of ghosts.

These beguiling stories, along with testimonials by scores of local people recounting their own eerie experiences, make this book a wonderfully entertaining, “edge-of-your-seat” page-turner. Do you believe in ghosts? If the “Mistress of the Macabre” can't convince you... no one will.

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Ghost to Ghost

Ghost to Ghost From Across the Land:
Authentic Ghost Tales From Sea to Shining Sea

Mrs. Jeffrey shares with you more than two dozen authenticated ghost stories collected on her nation-wide search for spooks, specters, and other eerie manifestations.

Read about...ghosts that haunt our nation’s capitol, shadowy tales from the South, wild hauntings from the West, nerve shattering stories from the New England area, and dark encounters along the East coast.


“Mrs. Jeffrey’s writing sparkles with such authenticity...the creative, sincere talent of an author who practices that most ethereal of all lost arts – storytelling.”
- Mike Mallowe, Philadelphia Magazine

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